A Few Useful Tips For Hikers

Have you ever been in a hiking trip? If not, I'm sure the following tips will help.

1. The first tip concerns the preparation for your hiking trip. Make a list with what you want and what you must bring along for the trip, and balance that list so that you don't overburden yourself. Make sure everything you bring along has its place inside your backpack, on your belt, or inside the pockets of your clothes.

And make sure you put the item you're using back in its place. This way, you'll be more organized.

2. Food and water are two of the basic elements that any being on the planet needs. So, you should bring along enough of both to last for the whole hiking trip. Every time you pass by a drinkable water source, refill your water ration. In general, it's best to have a 1 litre water bottle equipped with a stainless steel mug. Found a nice and cheap one in an army surplus store. Check this website to see it: www.armysurplusuk.org.uk

Also, make sure your food rations are nutritious, with a high content of fat and protein. Before bed time, it's a good idea to have a meal high in fat, to keep you warm through the night.

3. A trekking pole (or even two) is great to have during a hiking trip. It helps alleviating the shock on your knees when going downhill, transfering a part of it on your arms and upper body. If you won't purchase one, you can always use a wooden stick.

4. If you're using a portable stove, fueled with kerosene or any other type of fuel, it's important to keep the fuel container outside your backpack. In case there's a spill, you wouldn't want any on your supplies, or on the other items in there. This stands for the water supply as well. It's best to keep your water bottle on your belt if possible, to have it at hand when thirsty.

5. If you're hiking in wet weather conditions, before going to bed, change into your warm clothes and hang the wet ones up to dry. In the morning, change back into yesterday's clothes even if they aren't completely dried yet, and put the dry clothes back in the backpack. Also, keep in mind that it's best to stop and set up your camp, before you get completely tired.

6. If your back gets to hot and sweaty from the backpack, but your chest is cold due to wind blowing from the front, for example, it's not a bad idea to wear your jacket in reverse. Also, in case you're hiking in hot weather, it's best to walk during mornings and evenings, taking a long break for the middle of the day when it's the hottest.

7. Do not forget to bring with you at least an improvised first aid kit. Painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics, bandages, surgical scissors, needle and wire are things that can save your trip, if not save your life.

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